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Table 4 Comparison of smORF searches in different eukaryotic organisms

From: Hundreds of putatively functional small open reading frames in Drosophila

Organism smORFs Percentage of totala Experimentally verifiedb
Saccharomyces 299 5% 67% (247)
Arabidopsis 941 5% ND
Mus 1,240 5% 56% (25)
Drosophila 401 3% ND
  1. Comparison of different smORF searches showing the number of smORFs identified in S. cerevisiae [19], A. thaliana [11], M. musculus [28] and D. melanogatser (this study). aThe fraction of smORFs relative to previously annotated protein-coding genes. bThe proportion of smORFs with direct experimental evidence of translation and/or function. Numbers in parentheses are the actual numbers of smORFs tested experimentally. ND, not determined.