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Table 2 Correlations and partial correlations between growth rate, habitat type and global codon usage bias

From: Variation in global codon usage bias among prokaryotic organisms is associated with their lifestyles

  Growth rate and habitat type Growth rate and codon usage bias Habitat type and codon usage bias
  r P r P r P
Analysis A       
   Correlation 0.1995 0.0723 0.3451 0.0015 0.4619 1.2538E-5
   Partial correlation 0.0482a 0.6693a 0.291b 0.0084b 0.4274c 6.919E-5c
Analysis B       
   Correlation 0.0368 0.8645 0.2971 0.1586 0.4692 0.0207
   Partial correlation NA NA NA NA 0.4802c 0.0204c
  1. Analysis A was based on 82 organisms; analysis B was based on a subset of 24 organisms, which are phylogentically remote from each other. Pearson correlation coefficients were computed. aControlling for codon usage bias; bcontrolling for habitat type; ccontrolling for growth rate. NA, when the Pearson correlation coefficient was not statistically significant, partial correlation was not computed.