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Figure 1

From: Galaxy: a comprehensive approach for supporting accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational research in the life sciences

Figure 1

Galaxy analysis workspace. The Galaxy analysis workspace is where users perform genomic analyses. The workspace has four areas: the navigation bar, tool panel (left column), detail panel (middle column), and history panel (right column). The navigation bar provides links to Galaxy's major components, including the analysis workspace, workflows, data libraries, and user repositories (histories, workflows, Pages). The tool panel lists the analysis tools and data sources available to the user. The detail panel displays interfaces for tools selected by the user. The history panel shows data and the results of analyses performed by the user, as well as automatically tracked metadata and user-generated annotations. Every action by the user generates a new history item, which can then be used in subsequent analyses, downloaded, or visualized. Galaxy's history panel helps to facilitate reproducibility by showing provenance of data and by enabling users to extract a workflow from a history, rerun analysis steps, visualize output datasets, tag datasets for searching and grouping, and annotate steps with information about their purpose or importance. Here, step 12 is being rerun.

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