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Figure 6

From: Immunostaining of modified histones defines high-level features of the human metaphase epigenome

Figure 6

Correspondence between SINE repeat frequency and levels of H3K4me3 and H3K27ac across human chromosomes 11 and 12. Metaphase chromosomes 11 and 12 from human lymphoblastoid cells immunostained with antibodies to H3K4me3 or H3K27ac, as indicated, are aligned with histograms showing the distribution of SINE repeat sequences across the same chromosome. The examples of immunostained chromosomes shown were selected, for clear and representative banding, from the chromosomes aligned in Additional files 3 and 4. Repeat masker-defined SINE repeats were taken from USCS (hg18) human genome build [13] and allocated to 10-Mb windows spanning each chromosome.

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