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Table 2 Comparison of salient features of NetPath with other popular curated signaling pathway resources

From: NetPath: a public resource of curated signal transduction pathways

Pathway resource Query option for pathway molecules Genes transcriptionally regulated by pathway included? Pathways reviewed by experts? File formats available for download Textual description of reactions provided? Other features or comments
NetPath [5] Yes Yes Yes BioPAX, PSI-MI, SBML, Excel, Tab-delimited Yes Focus on human receptor mediated signaling. Also contains separate molecule pages with brief summary of the biology of the individual molecules
BioCarta [14] Yes No Yes No download option provided No BioCarta provides commercial links to antibody reagents
Science's STKE [15] No No Yes SVG No Contains species-specific and also cell-type-specific pathways
KEGG [13] Yes No No KGML, BioPAX No Contains disease specific pathways
Reactome [16] Yes No Yes BioPAX, SBML, PDF, SVG, Protégé, MySQL database dump Yes Also contains computationally inferred pathway reactions
NCI-PID [17] Yes No Yes XML, BioPAX, SVG, JPG No Apart from NCI-Nature curated pathways, it also contains many pathways imported from BioCarta/Reactome
CST [18] Yes No Yes (in some cases) PDF No Provides pathway information along with links to protein and commercial products available for that protein
WikiPathways [25] Yes No No GPML, GenMAPP, PDF, PNG, SVG No Any user can register and create a new pathway and also edit existing pathways
PANTHER [26] Yes No Reviewed by Curation Coordinator SBML, SBGN, PNG No Allows community pathway curation and also provides links to Applied Biosystems genomic products
  1. CST, Cell Signaling Technology; PID, Pathway Interaction Database; STKE, Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment.