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Table 1 Strains sequenced in this study

From: Genomic characterization of the Yersinia genus

Species ATCC number Other designations Year isolated Location isolated Description Optimum growth temperature Reference
Y. aldovae 35236T CNY 6065 NR Czechoslovakia Drinking water 26°C [100]
Y. bercovieri 43970T CDC 2475-87 NR France Human stool 26°C [101]
Y. frederiksenii 33641T CDC 1461-81, CIP 80-29 NR Denmark Sewage 26°C [102]
Y. intermedia 29909T CIP 80-28 NR NR Human urine 37°C [103]
Y. kristensenii 33638T CIP 80-30 NR NR Human urine 26°C [104]
Y. mollaretii 43969T CDC 2465-87 NR USA Soil 26°C [101]
Y. rohdei 43380T H271-36/78, CDC 3022-85 1978 Germany Dog feces 26°C [105]
Y. ruckeri 29473T 2396-61 1961 Idaho, USA Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with red mouth disease 26°C [67]
  1. NR, not reported in reference publication.