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Table 1 Overall assembly statistics for the UMD2 assembly of B. taurus

From: A whole-genome assembly of the domestic cow, Bos taurus

Total size of all contigs 2,857,605,192
Total size of all placed contigs 2,612,820,649
Total size of unplaced contigs 244,784,543
N50 contig size (based on 2.5 Gb genome size) 93,156
N50 contig count 7,906
Number of contigs >10,000 bp 44,433
Total size of contigs >10,000 bp 2,563,627,935
  1. N50 contig size is the value X such that at least half of the genome is contained in contigs of size X or larger. N50 contig count is the number of contigs of size X or larger.