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Table 2 Summary of targets predicted for non-homologous putative polycistronic clustered miRNAs in Arabidopsis, rice and poplar

From: Plant polycistronic precursors containing non-homologous microRNAs target transcripts encoding functionally related proteins

Non-homologous MIRNAclusters ESTs overlapping the cluster Predicted Cleavage validated for at least one target [reference]*
   Ath-MIR397b-857 No Laccases (3/1) Yes [15, 49, 50]
   Ath-MIR859-774 No F-box proteins (35/5) Yes [15, 48]
   Ath-MIR842-846 No JR/MBP (1/10) Yes [15]
   Ath-MIR851-771 No EIF2 for miR771 (1) no target for miR851 No [15]
   Ath-MIR850-863 EG495879 EG495880 EG514601 DR380439, AV523115 No target -
   Ptc-MIR482-1448 DB893204 DB893031 BP928209 CX175581 Disease resistance proteins (12/2) Yes [44]
   Ptc-MIR1446b-477a No Gibberellin response modulator-like protein (DELLA) (1) Yes [43, 44]
   Ptc-MIR1446a-477b No Gibberellin response modulator-like protein (DELLA) (1) Yes [43, 44]
   Osa-MIR1876-1862d-1884b Os10g0170200 No target -
   Osa-MIR1423-1868 Os04g32710 No target -
  1. For predicted targets, the number of targets found for each miRNA of the non-homologous cluster is indicated in parentheses. *Validated using 5' RACE (rapid amplification of cDNA ends) PCR. ESTs cover the region including only miR863. The consecutive miRNAs are predicted in the intron of a protein coding gene (putative ribosomal protein). Ath, A. thaliana; Osa, O. sativa; Ptc, P. trichocarpa.