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Table 3 Comparison of repetitive sequences identified in the B. rapa sequence contigs and euchromatic counterparts in the A. thaliana genome

From: Genome-wide comparative analysis of the Brassica rapa gene space reveals genome shrinkage and differential loss of duplicated genes after whole genome triplication

  Genome coverage (%)*
Family B. rapa A. thaliana
SINEs 0.1 0.0
LINEs 1.3 0.3
LTRs 2.4 0.8
DNA transposons 2.2 1.6
Satellites 0.4 0.0
Low complexity repetitive sequences 4.4 1.0
Other 0.4 0.1
Total 11.2 3.8
  1. *Genome coverage was calculated using 65.8 Mbp for B. rapa and 75.3 Mbp for the euchromatic counterpart of A. thaliana. This refers to simple sequence repeats and short tandem repeats. LINE, long interspersed element; SINE, short interspersed element.