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Table 7 Categories for expert classification of novel predictions

From: Combining guilt-by-association and guilt-by-profiling to predict Saccharomyces cerevisiaegene function

Category Brief description
A Known true There is experimental evidence for this annotation, but it is not yet captured by SGD (all supporting literature pre-dates the analysis)
B Likely true No experimental evidence exists in the literature, but there is author speculation or sequence similarity support for this annotation
C Unclear Experimental evidence is either unavailable or conflicting.
D Unlikely The gene product is known to have a related but different function/process and no experimental support was found for the prediction
E Highly unlikely Direct experimental evidence against this association, or all other experimental evidence supports an unrelated function/process, or the gene product is part of a well-characterized complex and the predicted component term was to a different well-characterized complex
  1. SGD, Saccharomyces Genome Database.