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Table 4 Estimation of tumor cell sub-clone content by segmentation for hemizygous loss in CLL samples

From: Segmentation-based detection of allelic imbalance and loss-of-heterozygosity in cancer cells using whole genome SNP arrays

Sample* CLL cells (%) Genomic region Hemizygous loss by FISH (%) Hemizygous loss by segmentation (%)
8 87 17p13.3-p11.1 73 77
9 90 11q22.1-q23.3 56 58
10 86 17p13.3-p11.2 90 94
  1. *Data set 4. mBAF cut-off for each sample based on the maximum theoretical value for copy neutral LOH for the respective tumor content. Percent CLL cells (CD5+/CD23+) were estimated by flow cytometry. The average segmented value for the region was used.