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Figure 2

From: Segmentation-based detection of allelic imbalance and loss-of-heterozygosity in cancer cells using whole genome SNP arrays

Figure 2

Generalization of the segmentation approach to unpaired tumor samples using a fixed mBAF threshold. (a) Histogram of mBAF values for the HapMap sample NA06991 (reference data set 4) hybridized on an Illumina Infinium 550k BeadChip. Bins with homozygous SNPs (AA and BB) are colored red. Bins containing heterozygous SNPs are colored yellow. (b) mBAF profile of chromosome 8 for breast tumor 2 (data set 1) with SNPs >0.97 in mBAF removed. CBS segmentation profile is superimposed in red. Horizontal dashed line indicates position of 0.9 in mBAF.

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