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Figure 1

From: Gene expression profiling of human prostate cancer stem cells reveals a pro-inflammatory phenotype and the importance of extracellular matrix interactions

Figure 1

Distinctive stem cell and tumor signatures are found in human prostate cancers containing a minimum Gleason score 7 pathology. Clustering analysis (derived from the Pearson correlation) using the expression data for the probesets (from 28 samples) define a cancer stem cell signature. Blue tiles indicate down-regulated genes, and red tiles indicate up-regulated genes. (a) The combined signature clustered samples as benign (blue bar) and malignant (red bar). Cell type (stem, CD133+2β1hi; and committed, CD133-2β1low) was also defined within each disease state. (b) The differentiation signature. One sample in which a clear differentiation signature 'breakthrough' was evident in the combined signature is indicted by an asterisk. (c) Sample clustering according to the malignancy signature. (d) Hierarchical clustering with the Gleason 6 samples and a single hormone treated sample included in the analysis. Note that the clear distinction between non-malignant and malignant biopsies is lost by including this data.

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