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Table 1 Relevant BAC clones used in the study

From: Hominoid chromosomal rearrangements on 17q map to complex regions of segmental duplication

Code Name Accession number Chromosome band Mapping (UCSC March 2006)
A RP11-411G7 AC027455 17p13.3 chr17:427,025-572,435
A1* RP11-769H22 BES 17p13.3 chr17:7,849,179-8,011,176
A2** RP11-385D13 AC005838 17p13.3 chr17:15,367,740-15,435,530
B RP11-367G9 AC079111 17p11.2 chr17:16,853,117-17,016,545
Cen     chr17:22,187,134-22,287,133
C RP11-28A22 AC005691 17q11.2 chr17:29,842,523-29,999,343
D RP11-212E8 AC005552 17q11.2 chr17:30,009,726-30,175,558
E RP11-115K3 AC113211 17q12 chr17:33,140,726-33,322,352
E1 RP11-932C2 AC124789 17q12 chr17:33,713,298-33,818,972
F RP11-15D16 BES 17q21.31 chr17:42,268,624-42,438,970
G RP11-456D7 AC027152 17q21.31 chr17:43,587,728-43,720,471
G1* RP5-1029K10 AC006487 17q21.32 chr17:44,918,039-45,104,642
H RP11-170D6 AC091154 17q22 chr17:48,430,427-48,606,237
I RP11-758H9 AC091271 17q23.2 chr17:55,012,846-55,148,629
J RP11-42F20 AC008158 17q23.2 chr17:57,449,286-57,597,398
J1 RP11-465I18 BES 17q23.2 chr17:57,474,072-57,660,715
J2 RP11-50G1 BES   chr17:57,765,687-57,954,835
K RP11-450M16 AC073299 17q23.3 chr17:59,588,364-59,747,225
L RP13-650J16 AC105341 17q25.3 chr17:77,541,734-77,680,864
End     chr17:78,599,126-78,738,256
  1. Probes in regular type (12) were used to characterize all primate species. Probes in italics were used to define specific rearrangements. Asterisks indicate probes used to confirm literature data (*P. pygmeus breakpoints, **G. gorilla breakpoints; for details, see the text and Figure 1). Cen, Centromere; End, long arm telomere. Bold indicates the relative cytogenetic positions in the chromosome 17 to focus their localization among the other markers.