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Table 3 Functional annotation clustering by disease of genes

From: Variations in the transcriptome of Alzheimer's disease reveal molecular networks involved in cardiovascular diseases

Disease/condition Genes
Neurodegeneration VWF, A2M, APOE, FTL, PON2, COMT, MAP4, TF, SERPINA3, ATP1A2, AGT
Myocardial infarction A2M, APOE, PON2, SERPINA3
Alzheimer's disease A2M, APOE, SERPINA3, PON2
Cardiovascular VWF, A2M, APOE, PON2, COMT, WNK1, CBS, SERPINA3, TIMP1
Coronary artery disease APOE, PON2, COMT, SERPINA3
Type 2 diabetes VWF, A2M, APOE, PCBD2, HLA-DQB1(HLA-DQB2), TIMP3, SLC2A1, AGT
  1. Functional annotation clustering of genes in module 1 based on their association to human conditions/diseases.