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Table 7 Selected annotations for the conserved transcriptomic signatures identified for DC subsets when compared to one another

From: Novel insights into the relationships between dendritic cell subsets in human and mouse revealed by genome-wide expression profiling

Cell type Annotation Genes
pDC Endoplasmic reticulum Ern1, Lman1, Txndc5, Rdh11, Tm7sf2, Asph, Ormdl3, Stch, Nucb2, Ugcg, Itpr2, Bet1, Sec11l3, Atp2a3
  Golgi stack BET1, HS3ST1, CHST12, SNAG1, LMAN1, MGAT5, GLCCI1, Pacsin1
  Lysosome Lypla3, Npc1, Scarb2, Ctsb, Pcyox1, Cln5
  Endocytosis/vesicle-mediated transport Bet1; Gata2; Igh-6; Lman1; Npc1; Pacsin1; Vamp1
  Integral to plasma membrane EPHA2, SCARB2, CSF2RB, SIT1, ATP2A3, IFNAR2, VAMP1, PTPRS, SLC23A2, PTPRCAP, LANCL1, TM7SF2, CCR2, TSPAN31
  Inflammatory response TLR7, CYBB, IRF7, CCR2, BLNK
  Intracellular signaling cascade/I-κB kinase/NF-κB cascade SNAG1, SLC44A2, TMEPAI, CARD11, ERN1, SLA2, IFNAR2, CARHSP1, SNX9, RALGPS2, CXXC5, CCR2, BLNK, RHOH
  Regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent/DNA binding/transcription regulator activity/RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity/IPR004827: Basic-leucine zipper (bzip) transcription factor 1110028C15Rik; Aff3; Anks3; Arid3a; Bcl11a; Carhsp1; Cbx4; Cdkn2d; Creb3l2; Cxxc5; Ern1; Ets1; Gata2; Hivep1; Ifnar2; Irf7; Maged1; Myb; Nucb2; Prkcbp1; Runx2; Sla2; Spib; Tcf4; Tspyl4; Xbp1; Zbtb20
  Systemic lupus erythematosus LMAN1, CCR2, ETS1
  Regulation of apoptosis CDK5R1, CARD11, ERN1, CBX4, TXNDC5, CTSB
cDC Response to pest, pathogen or parasite/defense response/immune response/response to stress/inflammatory response/cytokine biosynthesis/response to bacteria/lymphocyte activation ANXA1; NR4A2; CIAS1; TLR2; CD83; CD86; IL18; CXCL16; MAST2; AIF1; CIITA; SNFT; Lzp-s, Lyzs; ENTPD1; CXCL9; PLSCR1; BCL6; SGK; TXNRD2; DDB2; AHR; IRF2; LST1; SOAT1; HLA-DOB; CD1D; IL15; Rbpsuh; Swap70; Hmgb3; Egr1
  Cytoskeleton/actin binding/filopodium/cell motility FLNA; FHOD1; CNN2; MYO1F; ACTN1; VASP; EPB41L2; FSCN1; KLHL5; MARCKS; Epb4,1l2; Mast2; Aif1; Csrp1; Elmo1; LIMA1; LMNB1; STOM; Nav1, CXCL16, ANXA1
  Morphogenesis/cell organization and biogenesis/neurogenesis Rasgrp4; Myo1f; Aif1; Pak1; Pacs1; Vasp; Tiam1; Lst1; Cnn2; Numb; Csrp1; Fhod1; Nav1; Rab32; Stx11; Ezh2; Epb4,1l2; Flna; Acp2; Elmo1; Ralb; Rab31; Id2; Tnfaip2; Txnrd2; Anpep; Il18; Rbpsuh, Nr4a2; Spint1
  Signal transduction/cell communication/MMU04010:MAPK signaling pathway/regulation of MAPK activity/GTPase regulator activity/small GTPase mediated signal transduction/IPR003579:Ras small GTPase, Rab type ADAM8; AHR; ANXA1; ARRB1; Asb2; Avpi1; CD83; CD86; Chn2; CIAS1; CXCL9; Dusp16; DUSP2; Elmo1; ENTPD1; FLNA; Hck; IL15; IL18; INPP1; Kit; Lrrk2; Mast2; NR4A1; NR4A2; PAK1; PDE8A; PIK3CB; PPFIBP2; Rab31; Rab32; Ralb; Rasgrp4; RBPSUH; RGS12; Rin3; RTN1; Sla; SLC8A1; Snx10; Snx8; Tiam1; TLR2; Arhgap22; Ddef1; Rgs12; Usp6nl
  Transcription regulator activity Junb, Id2, Asb2, Ddef1, Irf2, Nr4a2, C2ta, Nab2, Egr1, Nr4a1, Ahr, 9130211I03Rik, Tgif, Rbpsuh, Bcl6
  Apoptosis Ahr, Nr4a1, Il18, Bag3, Cias1, Elmo1, Cd1d1, Sgk, Bcl6
mCD8 and hBDCA3 Cell organization and biogenesis DBN1, RAB32, ITGA6, FGD6, RAB11A, SEMA4F
  Intracellular signaling cascade/small GTPase mediated signal MIST, TLR3, SNX22; DOCK7; FGD6; RAB11A; RAB32; RASGRP3; sep3
mCD11b and hBDCA1 Immune response/defense response/inflammatory response/positive regulation of cytokine production/response to pest, pathogen or parasite/antimicrobial humoral response/IPR006117:2-5-oligoadenylate synthetase IFITM3, PTGS2, POU2F2, LST1, GBP2, CCL5, OAS2, FCGR2A, NCF2, CSF1R, TLR5, CSF3R, IL1R2, CST7, IL1RN, NFAM1, IFITM2, IFITM1, LILRB2, OAS3, LYST, CLEC4A, IGSF6, HDAC4, PLA2G7, RIPK2, OAS2, OAS3; Rel; Fcgr3
  Signal transduction/cell communication/signal transducer activity/positive regulation of I-κB kinase/NF-κB cascade/protein-tyrosine kinase activity/IPR003123:Vacuolar sorting protein 9; vesicle-mediated transport; endocytosis CASP1; CCL5; CD300A; CD302; CENTA1; CHKA; CLEC4A; CSF1R; CSF3R; FCGR2A; IFITM1; IGSF6; IL1R2; IL1RN; ITGAX; JAK2; KSR1; LILRB2; LRP1; LYST; MAP3K3; MS4A7; NFAM1; OGFRL1; REL; RIN2; RIN3; RIPK2; RIPK5; RTN1; TLR5; Fcgr3
  Chemotaxis/cell adhesion ITGAX, CD300A, CSF3R, EMILIN2, CLEC4A, CCL5, Fcgr3
  HSA04640:hematopoietic cell lineage CSF1R, CSF3R, IL1R2
  Asthma. Atopy PLA2G7, CCL5,