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Table 4 Specific transcriptomic signatures identified in the leukocyte populations studied

From: Novel insights into the relationships between dendritic cell subsets in human and mouse revealed by genome-wide expression profiling

  Expression ratio (log2) of specific genes*
Cell type 3-4 2-3 1-2 0,4-1
Myeloid cells - Steap4; Clec4d; Clec4e; Fpr1 Nfe2; Mpp1; Snca; Ccr1; Slc40a1; S100a9; Cd14; Tlr4 ; F5; Fcgr3; Fpr-rs2; Tlr2 ; Abhd5; Gca; Atp6v1b2; Ier3; Sod2; Pilra; Slc11a1 Sepx1; Ninj1; Hp; Sdcbp; Bst1; Ifit1; S100a8; Adipor1; Bach1; Marcks; Pira2; Wdfy3; Ifrd1; Fcho2; Csf3r ; C5ar1; Cd93; Snap23; Cebpb; Clec7a; Yipf4; Hmgcr; Slc31a2; Fbxl5
Pan-DC   Flt3 Sh3tc1 Trit1; Bri3bp; Prkra; Etv6; Tmed3; Bahcc1; Scarb1
cDC - - Arhgap22; Btbd4; Slamf8; 9130211I03Rik; Nav1 C2ta ; Avpi1; Spint1; Cs
pDC   Epha2 ; Pacsin1; Zfp521; Sh3bgr Tex2; Runx2; Atp13a2; Maged1; Tm7sf2; Tcf4; Gpm6b; Cybasc3 Nucb2; Alg2; Pcyox1; LOC637870; Scarb2; Dnajc7; Trp53i13; Plac8 ; Pls3; Tlr7 ; Ptprs; Bcl11a
B cells Ebf1 ; Cd19 ; Klhl14 Bank1 ; Pax5 Blr1 ; Ralgps2; Cd79b ; Pou2af1 ; Fcer2a; Cr2; Cd79a ; Fcrla Ms4a1; Blk ; Cd72 ; Syvn1; BC065085; Fcrl1; Phtf2; Tmed8; Grap; Pip5k3; Pou2f2
NK cells - Ncr1 Tbx21 ; Osbpl5 Rgs3; 1700025G04Rik; Plekhf1; Fasl ; Zfpm1; Edg8 ; Cd160 ; Klrd1 ; Il2rb ; Il18rap ; Ctsw; Ifng ; Prf1 ; Sh2d2a; Llgl2; Gpr178; Prkx; Gab3; Nkg7 ; Cst7; Sntb2; Runx3; Myo6; F2r; Vps37b; Dnajc1; Gfi1
Pan-T cells - Camk4 ; E430004N04Rik; Trat1 Cxcr6 ; Tnfrsf25; Ccdc64; Plcg1 Cd3e ; Cd5 ; Lrig1; Cd3g ; Ubash3a; Cd6 ; Lat ; Bcl11b; Tcf7 ; Icos
CD8 T cells - - - Gzmk
CD4 T cells - Ctla4 - Icos ; Tnfrsf25; Cd5 ; Cd28 ; Trat1
Lymphocytes - - Ablim1; Lax1; D230007K08Rik; Rasgrp1; Bcl2 Spnb2; Cdc25b; Ets1 ; Sh2d2a; Ppp3cc; Cnot6l
Myeloid, B, DC - H2-DMb2 ; H2-DMb1 C2ta ; March1 ; Aldh2; Bcl11a; Btk Ctsh ; H2-Eb1 ; Cd74 ; Ctsz ; Clic4; Kynu ; 5031439G07Rik; Nfkbie; Unc93b1
Non-DC Gimap4 - Vps37b Lck ; Pde3b
  1. *Ratio expressed as Minimum expression among the cell types selected/Maximum expression among all other cell types. Genes already known to be preferentially expressed in the cell types selected are shown in boldface.