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Figure 8

From: Cell-specific microarray profiling experiments reveal a comprehensive picture of gene expression in the C. elegans nervous system

Figure 8

Venn diagrams comparing transcripts from profiled cell types at specific developmental stages. (a) Larval pan-neural (LP) and embryonic pan-neural (EP) datasets are enriched for common transcripts, but also contain transcripts exclusive to either developmental stage. (b) Larval A-class (LA) and embryonic A-class (EA) identify 162 shared transcripts. Transcripts selectively enriched in either neuron type may contribute to the unique morphologies of DA versus VA motor neurons (Figure 10). (c,d) The depth of the pan-neural datasets (EP, LP) is reflected in the substantial overlap with the A-class motor neuron profiles (EA, LA). Genes exclusively enriched in the EA and LA profiles are indicative of rare transcripts showing neuron specific expression. (e,f) Comparisions of the embryonic neural specific datasets (EP, EA) described in this paper with the embryonic profile of specific thermosensory neurons (AFD and AWB described by Colosimo et al. [8]. The AFD/AWB profile shows greater overlap with the EP dataset (e) than with the EA profile (f). See Additional data files 10 and 11 for lists of genes identified in each comparison.

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