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Figure 7

From: Cell-specific microarray profiling experiments reveal a comprehensive picture of gene expression in the C. elegans nervous system

Figure 7

Transcripts encoding proteins that function in synaptic transmission are enriched in the neural datasets but largely excluded from muscle. (a) The line graph depicts 61 synaptic transmission genes that are enriched in the larval pan-neural (LP) dataset (colors from heat map at right are defined by LP sample denoted by vertical white line with arrowheads). Most of these transcripts are also enriched in other neuronal datasets (embryonic pan-neural (EP), embryonic A-class motor neuron (EA), larval A-class motor neuron (LA)) but not in embryonic muscle (EM). An exception is snf-11 (horizontal green line), the membrane-bound GABA transporter, which is significantly elevated in the EM and LP datasets, consistent with its known expression in muscle and neurons [26]. (b) Many of the proteins encoded by the 61 LP-enriched synaptic transmission genes are localized to synaptic vesicles (SV; center circle) or to the plasma membrane (shaded rectangle). Other proteins are predicted to perform related functions, such as the synthesis of neurotransmitters and/or vesicular trafficking.

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