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Table 3 Detailed cluster analysis: differential and statistically significant biological functions in clusters C11-C17

From: Transcriptional recapitulation and subversion of embryonic colon development by mouse colon tumor models and human colon cancer

Cluster no. Number of PS Reference Biology Example genes
11 167 Global Molecular transport, protein traffic, lipid metabolism, small molecule biochemistry, cardiovascular system development, dermatological diseases and conditions, organismal development, organismal injury and abnormalities, cancer, digestive system development and function Protein excretion (BF, EDNRA, KL), corticosteroid/daunorubicin transport (ABCB1), modification of cholesterol (ABCB1, SULT2B1), neovasculariation of animal (TNFRSF6B, TNFSF11), angiogenesis of granulation tissue (PTGES), blister formation (COL17A1, FRAS1), development of enteroendocrine cells (NEUROD1), crypt size (FOLR1), connective tissue formation (EDNRA, IL7, MSX2, PTGES, WT1), division of mesenchymal cells (BMP7)
12 762 Global RNA post-translational modification, gene expression, cancer, renal and urological disease, RNA traffic embryonic development, cell-to-cell signaling and interaction, estrogen receptor signaling, EGF signaling, PI3K/AKT signaling Processing of RNA (HNRPA2B1, HNRPD, HNRPH1, PRPF4B, RBM6, RBPMS, SFPQ, SFRS3, SFRS4, SNRPA1, U2AF1, ZNF638), transactivation of glucocorticoid/thyroid hormone response element (FOXO1A, NCOR1, NR3C1, RORA), tumorigenesis (CD44, CTNNB1, EGFR, NF1, PRKAR1A, PTEN, THBS1), adhesion of tumor cells (CD44, CD47, EGFR, PTK2, THBS1), juvenile/colonic polyposis (CTNBB1, PTEN, SMAD4), IGF1-signalling (CTNBB1, FOXOA1, PTEN, SOS2)
13 213 Global Cell morphology, cellular development, hematological disease, genetic disorder, embryonic development, cellular assembly and organization, hair and skin development and function, cardiovascular system development and function, cancer, digestive system development and function Conversion of epithelial cells (ATOH1, DMBT1, FOS), depolarization of cells (CACNA1C, FOS, NTS), development of Goblet/Paneth/enteroendocrine cells (ATOH1), hematological disease (HBA1, HBA2, HBB, GIF), partington syndrome (ARX), muchopolysaccharidosis (HYAL1), Pfeiffer's syndrome (FGFR2), retinoic acid synthesis (ALDH1A1, ALDH1A2), adenoma inflammation (TFF1), density of connective tissue (MIA, TNFRSF11B)
14 161 Global Cancer, cellular movement, skeletal and muscular disorders, immune response, gastrointestinal disease lipid metabolism, reproductive system disease, small molecule biochemistry, digestive system development and function, tissue development Migration/invasion of tumor cell lines (CDKN2A, CST6, DPP4, KITLG, LAMA3, LCK, MDK, SERPINB5, TFF2, TGFA), tumorigenesis of intestinal polyp (ASPH), proliferation of tumor cell lines (APRIN, CDKN2A, CST6, IMP3, LITLG, PIWIL1, SLP1, TGFA), cytotoxic reaction (CDKN2A, LCK), invasion of tumor cell lines (CDKN2A, CST6, DPP4, SERPINB5, TFF2, TGFA), tumorigenesis of small intestine (PLA2G4A), size/tumorigenesis of polyp (ASPH, CDKN2A, TGFA)
15 366 Global Drug metabolism, endocrine system development and function, small molecule biochemistry, lipid metabolism, molecular transport, gene expression, cell death, cell morphology, cancer, gastrointestinal disease, digestive system development and function, tissue development Steroid metabolism (AKR1C2, CYP3A5, UGT2B15, UGT2B17), conversion of progesterone (AKR1C3, HSD3B2), modification of dopamine (SULT1A3, XDH), oxidation of norepinephrine (MAOA), drug transport (ANCB1, ABCG2), transport of fludarabine (SLC28A2), hydrocortisone uptake (ABCB1), formation of aberrant crypt foci (NR5A2, PTGER4), cell death of enteroendocrine cells (GCG, PYY), growth of crypt cells (NKX2, NKX3)
16 221 Global Cardiovascular system development and function, cellular movement, hematological system development and function, immune response, cancer, neurological disease, carbohydrate metabolism, organismal development, digestive system development and function, tissue development Cell movement/proliferation of endothelial cells (ADIPOQ, CXCL12, ENPP2, FGF13, HGF, HHEX, MYH11, PTN), formation of endothelial tube and blood vessel (ADAMTS1, ANGPTL1, CCL11, CXCL12, ENPP2, F13A1, HGF, MEF2C, MYH11, PTEN), cell movement of cancer cells (CXCL12, CD36, HGF, IGF1, L1CAM, SFRP1, PTN), tumorigenesis (AGTR1, CNN1, ENPP2, FGF7, HGF, IGF1, KIT, L1CAM), Hirschprung disease (EDNRB, L1CAM)
17 734 Global Immune response, cellular movement, hematological system development and function, cell-to-cell signaling and interaction, immune and lymphatic system development and interaction, tissue development, connective tissue disorders, inflammatory disease, cancer Cell invasion (CD14, CTSB, CTSL, ETS1, FN1, FSCN, FST, INHBA, ITGB2, LOX, MMP2, MMP9, MMP11, MMP12, MMP13, MYLK, OSM, PLAU, RECK, RGS4, RUNX2, S100A4, SPP1, SULF1, TIMP3), adhesion of tumor cells (ADAM12, ANXA1, CCL3, CCL4, FN1, ICAM1, IL6, ITGA4, ITGB2, PLAU, SELE, THBS1), metastasis of carcinoma cell lines (CCL2, DAPK1, S100A4, TWIST1, WISP1), tumor cell spreading (FN1, PLAU, SNAI2, THBS1, TNC), progression of gastric carcinoma (APOE, COL1A1, COL1A2)
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