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Table 1 List of genes with CNS tissue-specific AS regulation

From: Functional coordination of alternative splicing in the mammalian central nervous system

Category Gene name Accession CNS function/phenotype
Signaling Arhgef7 AF247655 Synapse formation
  Camk2d BC042895 Phosphorylates PSD-95 in postsynaptic density
  Camk2g BU560927 Phosphorylates PSD-95 in postsynaptic density
  Git2 BU614137 Postsynaptic density interactions
  Map4k6 BC011346 Axon guidance
  Map3k4 AK122219 Neural tube development
  Opa1 AK050383 Neuropathy
  Plcb4 BC051068 Metabotropic glutamate neurotransmitter signaling pathway, synaptic depression
  Ptprf AF300943 Synapse formation
  Ptprk L10106 Neurite outgrowth
  Rapgef6 BC019702 Neurogenesis, gliogenesis
  Rap1ga1 BY234371 Neurite outgrowth
  Vav2 U37017 Neurite outgrowth
Cytoskeleton Ablim1 AK122196 Axon guidance
  Clasp1 CA326660 Axon guidance
  Dst AK037206 Neurodegeneration, myelination, retrograde axonal transport
  Kifap3 D50367 Axonal vesicle transport
  Myo5a CA469310 Synaptic vesicle transport
  Myo6 U49739 Neurotransmitter endocytosis
  Syne1 BC041779 Synaptic nuclear envelope anchor at neuromuscular junction
  Tmod2 AU035865 Learning/memory, long-term potentiation
Vesicular transport Dlgh4 D50621 Synaptic vesicle maturation
  Dnm1 BC034679 Synaptic vesicle endocytosis
  Exoc7 AF014461 Neurotransmitter receptor membrane targeting
  Rab6ip2 AF340029 Neurotransmitter release
  Snap23 AA450833 Neurotransmitter exocytosis
  Sgip1 BC017596 Neural energy balance regulation
  Syngr1 AK010442 Synaptic vesicle component
mRNA processing Adarb1 AF525421 Glutamate receptor mRNA editing
  Papola NM_011112 Regulated polyadenylation at synapses
Transcription factors Apbb1 BM950527 Learning/memory, Alzheimer's disease
  Nfatc3 BC021835 Axon outgrowth, neuronal survival, astrocyte function
  Tcf12 X64840 Transcription factor involved in neuronal plasticity, CNS development
Tight junctions Baiap1 AK032350 Nervous system signaling
  Magi3/6530407C02Rik AF213258 CNS signaling, neurotransmitter receptor regulation
  Tjp4 BU612515 Interacts with synaptic protein
Ion channels P2rx4 AF089751 Neurotransmitter receptor
  Slc24a2 NM_172426 Calcium ion channel in axon terminals
Other functions Agrn BG803812 Regulates formation of postsynaptic structure at the neuromuscular junction
  Kidins220/C330002I19Rik AK083260 Neural signaling
  Mgea6 BI962144 Meningioma antigen
  Mgrn1 BY567496 Neuronal degradation, astrocytosis
  Neo1 Y09535 Axon guidance, neuronal survival
  NIBP/1810044A24Rik BC034590 Neurite outgrowth, nerve growth factor signaling
  Pcmt1 AA981003 Memory, synaptic function, seizures
  Sca2 AF041472 Neurodegenerative disease spinocerebellar ataxia
  Serpinh1 BB613516 Glial cell protection, CNS development
  1. Microarray-profiled genes displaying central nervous system (CNS) tissue specific alternative splicing regulation are listed, along with a description of known functions of the genes in the nervous system. More detailed information on the same gene list, including published information on the CNS tissue regulated exons and relevant literature, is provided in Additional data file 3.