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Figure 3

From: A systematic comparative and structural analysis of protein phosphorylation sites based on the mtcPTM database

Figure 3

Phosphosite location relative to the structured domains. The plots show the distributions with the frequencies of occurrences of potential (yellow) and known (cyan and red) phosphosites along the length of the structures. The positions correspond to all nonoverlapping and equally long tenths in which the sequences can be split, from the amino- (left) to the carboxyl-termini (right). The distributions are shown separately for (a) serine/threonine and (b) tyrosine residues. As explained in the main text, the occurrences of known phosphosites were calculated in two different ways: directly from the full-length structure (cyan) or from trimmed versions of the domains in which disordered and exposed termini had been removed (red).

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