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Table 1 Human integrin subunits

From: The integrins

Gene symbol Protein name Synonyms Gene accession number Location (chromosome) Protein accession number
ITGA1 α1 CD49a NM_181501 5q11.2 P56199
ITGA2 α2 CD49b, α2 subunit of very late antigen 2 (VLA-2) NM_002203 5q23-q31 P17301
ITGA2B αIIb GTA, CD41, GP2B, HPA3, CD41b, GPIIb NM_000419 17q21.32 P08514
ITGA3 α3 CD49c, α3 subunit of VLA-3 NM_002204, NM_005501 17q21.33 P26006
ITGA4 α4 CD49d, α4 subunit of VLA-4 NM_000885 2q31.3 AAB25486
ITGA5 α5 CD49e, fibronectin receptor alpha NM_002205 12q11-q13 P08648
ITGA6 α6 CD49f, ITGA6B NM_000210 2q31.1 P23229
ITGA7 α7   NM_002206 12q13 Q86W93
ITGA8 α8   NM_003638 10p13 P53708
ITGA9 α9   NM_002207 3p21.3 Q13797
ITGA10 α10   NM_003637 1q21 O75578
ITGA11 α11   NM_001004439, NM_012211 15q23 Q9UKX5
ITGAD αD   NM_005353 16p11.2 Q13349
ITGAE αE CD103, human mucosal lymphocyte antigen 1α NM_002208 17p13 P38570
ITGAL αL CD11a (p180), lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1 (LFA-1) α subunit NM_002209 16p11.2 P20701
ITGAM αM Mac-1, CD11b, complement receptor 3 (CR3) subunit J03925, NM_000632 16p11.2 P11215
ITGAV αV CD51, MSK8, vitronectin receptor α (VNRα) NM_002210 2q31-q32 P06756
ITGAX αX CD11c, CR4 subunit NM_000887 16p11.2 P20702
ITGB1 β1 Fibronectin receptor β, CD29, MDF2, MSK12 BC020057 10p11.2 P05556
ITGB2 β2 Leukocyte cell adhesion molecule, CD18, CR3 subunit, CR4 subunit NM_000211 21q22.3 P05107
ITGB3 β3 CD61; GP3A; GPIIIa, platelet glycoprotein IIIa NM_000212 17q21.32 P05106
ITGB4 β4 CD104 NM_000213 17q25 P16144
ITGB5 β5   NM_002213 3q21.2 P18084
ITGB6 β6   NM_000888 2q24.2 P18564
ITGB7 β7   NM_000889 12q13.13 P26010
ITGB8 β8   NM_002214 7p15.3 P26012