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Figure 3

From: Deciphering the molecular machinery of stem cells: a look at the neoblast gene expression profile

Figure 3

Screenshot of Eisen's clustering based on 60 genes differentially regulated in 30 Gy irradiated planarians and controls. The 60 genes are clustered unvarying the sample group (horizontal bars: cyan for controls, yellow for the 5 Gy group, and orange for the 30 Gy group). Genes are divided into two signatures: genes that were downregulated (our 'neoblast signature', blue vertical bar) and those that were upregulated (purple vertical bar) as a consequence of X-ray treatment. Genes that are known to be expressed in planarian stem cells are indicated by red dots. Clustering of experimental samples was performed according to the method of Eisen and coworkers [20]. Gene log2 ratios were average corrected across experimental samples and displayed according to the central method for display using a normalization factor, as recommended by Ross and coworkers [62]. The Tree-View software was used for the visualization. red, upregulated; green, downregulated; black, no difference.

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