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Table 1 List of gene homologues mapped to platypus chromosomes

From: The multiple sex chromosomes of platypus and echidna are not completely identical and several share homology with the avian Z

Gene HSA, GGA location Method*
LMNB1: lamin B1 5, Z a, b
DMXL1: DMX like-1 5, Z a, b
CHD1: chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 1 5, Z a, b
MCTP1: multiple C2 domains, transmembrane 1 5, Z a
GPR98: G protein-coupled receptor 98 5, Z a
FST: follistatin 5, Z a, b
GHR: growth hormone receptor 5, Z a, b
MTMR12: myotubularin related protein 12 5, Z a
PDE6A: rod cGMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase alpha-subunit 5, Z a, b
PRLR: prolactin receptor precursor 5, Z a, b
GABRA1: gamma-aminobutyric acid A receptor, alpha 1 5, 13 a
GHRL1: grainyhead-like 1 (GRHL1), transcript variant 1 2, 3 a
SLIT3: slit homolog 3 protein precursor 5, 13 a
PANK3: pantothenate kinase 3 5, 13 a
CCNJL: cyclin J-like 5, 13 a
RAPGEF6: rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 6 5, 13 a
CDH12: cadherin-12 precursor 5, 2 a, b
DNAH5: ciliary dynein heavy chain 5 5, 2 a, b
TRIO: triple functional domain protein 5, 2 a
VLDLR: very low-density lipoprotein receptor 9, Z a, b
ACO1: iron-responsive element-binding protein 1 9, Z a, b
MUSK: muscle-specific kinase receptor 9, Z a, b
MLLT3: protein AF-9 9, Z a, b
TSCOT: thymic stromal cotransporter homolog 9, Z a
PALM2: paralemmin-2 9, Z b
P15RS: P15RS protein 18, 2 a
LPL: lipoprotein lipase 8, Z a
CHRNB3: neuronal acetylcholine receptor protein subunit beta-3 precursor 8, Z a
ATP5A1: ATP synthase subunit alpha 18, Z a, b
  1. *The two methods used to localize the platypus homologues are: a, PCR; b, BAC-clone. See text for details.