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Figure 8

From: The multiple sex chromosomes of platypus and echidna are not completely identical and several share homology with the avian Z

Figure 8

Oan chromosome paints hybridized to male Tac metaphases. (a) Paint Oan Y1 covers Tac Y1 and Tac X1p. (b) Paint Oan X2 hybridizes to Tac X2 and the pairing region on Tac Y2. (c) Paint Oan Y2 covers Tac Y2 and hybridizes to the pairing regions on Tac X2 and Tac X3. (d) Paint Oan X3 is mixed with paint for 11 and 13 (see text). As well as to other chromosomes as indicated, Tac X3 and the pairing region on Tac Y2 are painted. (e) Paint Oan Y3 hybridizes to a region of Tac 27 (see inset). (f) Paint Oan X4 hybridizes to Tac 27. (g) Paint Oan Y4 hybridizes to the top of Tac X4 and a region on Tac Y4. (h) Paint Oan X5 covers Tac X4. (i) Paint Oan Y5 hybridized to Tac Y3.

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