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Table 1 Differentially over-represented biological function GO categories between resistant (R) and sensitive (S) lines

From: Phenotypic and transcriptional response to selection for alcohol sensitivity in Drosophila melanogaster

R > S S > R
Response to abiotic stimulus 1.80E-06* Alcohol metabolism 4.00E-03
   Response to chemical stimulus 1.26E-06    Response to toxin 2.90E-02
Response to toxin 4.19E-07 Response to biotic stimulus 4.32E-05
Response to pheromone 2.10E-08    Defense response 2.13E-05
Chemosensory behavior 8.00E-04    Immune response 1.00E-04
Extracellular transport 2.07E-08 Electron transport 2.88E-05
Lipid metabolism 8.0E-05 Lipid metabolism 2.99E-09
   Cellular lipid metabolism 1.20E-04    Cellular lipid metabolism 1.29E-11
Phospholipid metabolism 2.30E-03 Organic acid metabolism 2.37E-07
Steroid metabolism 2.00E-05 Steroid metabolism 9.80E-4
  Fatty acid metabolism 1.56E-10
  Catabolism 1.53E-05
     Cellular catabolism 1.08E-06
  Carbohydrate metabolism 5.20E-05
  1. *p values were calculated from χ2 tests, estimating which categories were represented more frequently than expected by chance, based on their representation on the microarray.