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Table 3 Differentially expressed transcription factors, neurogenesis, and apoptosis genes

From: Human fetal neuroblast and neuroblastoma transcriptome analysis confirms neuroblast origin and highlights neuroblastoma candidate genes

  Transcription factor (GO:0003700) Neurogenesis (GO:0007399) Apoptosis (GO:0006915)
  Gene name Location Gene name Location Gene name Location
Neuroblast > neuroblastoma MLL 11q APOE 19q APOE 19q
  NR0B1 Xp GREM1 15q PLAGL1 6q
  RORA 15q TFAP2B 6p SCARB1 12q
  TFAP2B 6p    TDGF1 3p
Neuroblast < neuroblastoma ASCL1* 12q ALK 2p BCL2 18q
  ATF3 1q APBB2 4p BCLAF1 6q
  CNOT7 8p ASCL1 12q BIRC5 17q
  CUTL2 12q CDK5R1 17q CCL2 17q
  ETV6 12p FEZ1 11q CD2 1p
  FOXC1 6p GPI 19q CD74 5q
  HCLS1 3q INHBA 7p CIAPIN1 16q
  IRF8 16q LARGE 22q CYCS 7p
  KLF10 8q MBNL1 3q HTRA2 2p
  MLX 17q NEFH 22q IER3 6p
  NFE2L1 17q NTRK3 15q IGFBP3 7p
  NFIB 9p OLFM1 9q INHBA 7p
  NME2 17q PPT1 1p ITGB2 21q
  RUNX1 21q SERPINF1 17p ITGB3BP 1p
  SIX3 2p SIX3 2p LGALS1 22q
  STAT1 2q SLIT1 10q LY86 6p
  STAT3 17q SOX11 2p OPA1 3q
  TAF10 11p STAT3 17q PRKCA 17q
  TAF7 5q TRAPPC4 11q RNF130 5q
  TFDP1 13q    STAT1 2q
  TRIM22 11p    SULF1 8q
  TSC22D1 13q    TNFRSF21 6p
  ZNF91 19p    TUBB 6p
  1. Shown are differentially expressed genes in neuroblastoma versus neuroblasts that belong to GO terms transcription factor, neurogenesis, and/or apoptosis, with an indication of the chromosomal localization. GO, Gene Ontology.