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Table 1 GO analysis: neuroblast versus cortex samples

From: Human fetal neuroblast and neuroblastoma transcriptome analysis confirms neuroblast origin and highlights neuroblastoma candidate genes

GO P value n GO description
More highly expressed in neuroblast compared to cortex
GO:0007399 5.94E-09 20 Neurogenesis
GO:0019226 1.12E-06 13 Transmission of nerve impulse
GO:0007268 5.39E-06 12 Synaptic transmission
GO:0001505 9.29E-05 5 Regulation of neurotransmitter levels
GO:0007267 2.76E-04 16 Cell-cell signaling
GO:0050877 3.17E-04 16 Neurophysiological process
GO:0046879 3.47E-04 3 Hormone secretion
GO:0006584 3.47E-04 3 Catecholamine metabolism
GO:0018958 4.72E-04 3 Phenol metabolism
GO:0048513 6.67E-04 22 Organ development
GO:0006836 6.96E-04 4 Neurotransmitter transport
GO:0009887 7.32E-04 21 Organogenesis
GO:0007154 1.21E-03 46 Cell communication
GO:0045055 1.25E-03 3 Regulated secretory pathway
GO:0007269 1.25E-03 3 Neurotransmitter secretion
GO:0046903 1.52E-03 8 Secretion
GO:0030072 2.09E-03 2 Peptide hormone secretion
GO:0030073 2.09E-03 2 Insulin secretion
GO:0016079 2.09E-03 2 Synaptic vesicle exocytosis
GO:0042423 2.09E-03 2 Catecholamine biosynthesis
GO:0006887 2.24E-03 4 Exocytosis
GO:0009653 2.77E-03 23 Morphogenesis
GO:0007218 3.25E-03 4 Neuropeptide signaling pathway
GO:0007275 3.26E-03 29 Development
GO:0046883 5.70E-03 2 Regulation of hormone secretion
GO:0030182 7.26E-03 2 Neuron differentiation
GO:0048489 8.98E-03 2 Synaptic vesicle transport
More highly expressed in cortex compared to neuroblast
GO:0016126 4.18E-07 5 Sterol biosynthesis
GO:0006694 9.28E-07 6 Steroid biosynthesis
GO:0008202 4.32E-06 7 Steroid metabolism
GO:0016125 2.93E-05 5 Sterol metabolism
GO:0044255 6.74E-05 9 Cellular lipid metabolism
GO:0006629 8.75E-05 10 Lipid metabolism
GO:0008610 1.39E-04 6 Lipid biosynthesis
GO:0006695 2.97E-04 3 Cholesterol biosynthesis
GO:0006066 1.17E-03 6 Alcohol metabolism
GO:0008203 4.69E-03 3 Cholesterol metabolism
GO:0044242 4.97E-03 2 Cellular lipid catabolism
GO:0006118 7.90E-03 5 Electron transport
  1. Shown are over-represented GO classes (biological process) (with P < 0.01 and at least two genes) in the list of genes that are more highly expressed in neuroblast than in cortex samples, and vice versa. GO, Gene Ontology.