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Figure 1

From: UniPep - a database for human N-linked glycosites: a resource for biomarker discovery

Figure 1

Representative output of N-linked glycosites from database using UniPep. UniPep contains all proteins in the International Protein Index (IPI) database (version 2.28) with at least one N-linked glycosite and allows users to view all the predicted and identified N-linked glycosites from a specific protein. For each potential N-linked glycoprotein, a user can see the protein annotation, predicted subcellular location, and sequence(s) of predicted N-linked glycosites(s). The uniqueness of a peptide in the database is also presented as number of hits in the database, and for those peptides present in multiple proteins, linkage to other proteins in the database is provided. If any predicted N-linked glycosite was identified in the dataset from this study, then it is listed as an identified peptide with PeptideProphet score [39] to allow researchers to evaluate the confidence of the identification. The sequence of the proteins queried is overlaid with different sequence features such as the N-linked glycosites, the predicted and identified peptide sequences, signal peptide, and transmembrane segment(s) [21].

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