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Table 1 Distribution of fine-scale structural features across chromosome arms

From: Fine scale structural variants distinguish the genomes of Drosophila melanogaster and D. pseudoobscura

  Number of orthologous pairs
Chromosome arm* Tested Harboring microinversions Harboring intragenic indels
X 880 24 (0.111) 12 (0.889)
2L 997 34 (0.003) 19 (0.294)
2R 1,120 7 (<0.001) 15 (0.805)
3L 1,177 21 (0.752) 22 (0.279)
3R 1,560 26 (0.464) 18 (0.297)
All 5 major arms 5,734 112 86
  1. *The chromosome arms are given the D. melanogaster designations, X, 2L, 2R, 3L, and 3R. These arms are known to be orthologous to D. pseudoobscura arms, XL, 4, 3, XR, and 2, respectively [58]. The number of conserved orthologs residing on each arm. Values in parentheses are P values from a two-sided Binomial test of whether the number of event-harboring orthologs per arm differs from expectation. For each test, the number of trials equals the number of conserved orthologs per arm, the number of successes equals the number of event-harboring genes per arm, and the probability of success is equal to the total number of event-harboring genes detected divided by the total number of conserved orthologs tested (5,738).