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Figure 6

From: The Inferelator: an algorithm for learning parsimonious regulatory networks from systems-biology data sets de novo

Figure 6

Measured and predicted response for transport processes (bicluster 76). Red shows the measured response of bicluster 76 over 277 conditions (mRNA expression levels measured as described under Materials and methods, in the text). Bicluster 76 represents transport processes controlled by the regulators KaiC and SirR (Figure 1b). Blue shows the value predicted by the regulator influence network. Conditions in (a) correspond to conditions included in bicluster 76 (conditions for which these genes have high variance and are coherent). (b) Shows conditions out of the bicluster but in the original/training data set. (These regions were not used to fit the model for bicluster 76, because models were fit only over bicluster conditions.) (c) Contains conditions/measurements that were not part of the original data set and thus were not present when the biclustering and subsequent network inference/model fitting procedures were carried out. Regions B and C demonstrate out of sample predictive power.

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