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Table 3 EST library matches to diagnostic peptides

From: Novel gene and gene model detection using a whole genome open reading frame analysis in proteomics

  PM IE NE OE Total
EST + 615 (72%) 24 (62%) 36 (17%) 36 (65%) 711
EST - 241 (28%) 15 (38%) 216 (83%) 19 (35%) 491
Total 856 39 252 55 1,202
  1. A list of the breakdown of EST hits to a peptide in each of the four categories. EST +, indicates how many peptides in each category had at least one EST hit. EST -, gives the number of peptides in each category that did not match an EST. Percentages of total category total are given in parentheses. Totals are given in the final column and row. Only the longest representative peptide for a set of overlapping peptides was used in this analysis. PM, perfect matching peptide; IE, intra-exonic peptide; NE, non-exonic peptide; OE, overlapping exon peptide.