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Figure 3

From: Global analysis of mRNA stability in the archaeon Sulfolobus

Figure 3

Distributions of S. solfataricus mRNA half-lives, and number of genes with estimated half-lives, for different functional categories in the COG database. Only categories with more than nine genes with estimated half-lives are shown. Each bar in the histogram represents the proportion of genes with a half-life within a 1 minute interval, where the first bar includes half-lives of > 2 but ≤ 3 minutes, the second > 3 but ≤ 4 minutes, and so on. The last bar includes all transcripts with half-lives > 19 minutes. The groups 'Ribosomal proteins' and 'RNA polymerase subunits' are based on the annotations in [26] and 'Transcriptional regulators' on annotations in the COG database.

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