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Table 7 Noncatalytic variants with the full set of accessory domains

From: Genome-wide review of transcriptional complexity in mouse protein kinases and phosphatases

MGD symbol Transcripts Catalytic Accessory domains in noncatalytic form
Araf AK133797 - Ras-binding domain (IPR003116), PKC PE/DAG binding domain (IPR002219)
Camk2a X87142 - C-terminal SSF54427 domain
Cwf19l1 AK088543 - CwfJ domain only
D10Ertd802e AK139747 - ARM repeat fold only
Dcamkl1 AK043874 - Doublecortin domain
Dusp16 AK035652 - Rhodanese domain only
Egfr BC023729 - Ligand binding ectodomain
Eif2ak3 AK010397 - Quinonprotein alcohol dehydrogenase-like motif (IPR011047)
Ksr AK164833 - PKC PE/DAG (IPR002219)
Map2k5 BC013697 - Octicosapeptide/Phox/Bem1p domain (IPR000270).
Map3k14 AK006468 - Omega toxin-like (SSF57059)
Mark3 AK075742, BC026445 - Ubiquitin associated domain and kinase associated c-terminal domain
Mast2 AK004728 - PDZ
Mtm1 AK149997 - Gram
Prkwnk1 BB619950 - TONB box, site specific DNA methyltransferase
Ptpn14 AF170902 - Band4.1/Ferm and Pleckstrin homology
Syk AK036736   SH2
Tns1 AK004758 - SH2 and pleckstrin homology/phosphotyrosine interaction domain