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Table 1 The acronyms used for conserved regions (or elements, tags, or sequences) in different publications

From: Conservation anchors in the vertebrate genome

Acronym Meaning Indicative references
HCR Highly conserved region [3]
CNS Conserved noncoding sequence [4]
CNC Conserved non coding [37]
CNG Conserved non genic [26]
CST Conserved sequence tag [40]
MCS Multispecies conserved sequence [13, 17]
UCE Ultra conserved element [14, 18]
ECR Evolutionary conserved region [41]
CNE Conserved noncoding element [20]
ANCOR Ancestral non-coding conserved region This article
  1. This article opts for a pronounceable acronym (ANCOR) as a means of facilitating communication.