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Table 3 Percentage of each of the seven EM-based classes among the alternatively spliced genes in the D. melanogaster genome

From: The Sequence Ontology: a tool for the unification of genome annotations

Class D. melanogaster
N:0:0 0%
N:N:0 0%
N:0:N 0%
N:N:N 0%
0:N:0 7.70%
0:N:N 1.83%
0:0:N 90.47%
  1. The number of genes with one or more pairs of sequence-disjoint transcripts, no pairs of parts-disjoint transcripts, and no pairs of overlapping transcripts - denoted as N:0:0 - is given in the first row. Row 2 gives the number of genes having both sequence-disjoint and parts-disjoint transcripts, but no overlapping transcripts - these are N:N:0 genes. Rows 3 to 7 detail the counts for each of the remaining possible classes.