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Table 7 Conserved NAT pairs of Arabidopsis and rice

From: Genome-wide prediction and identification of cis-natural antisense transcripts in Arabidopsis thaliana

   ID Strand Overlap pattern Overlap length (nucleotides) Description
NAT pair 1 Arabidopsis At5g02820 + Tail to tail 1,138 DNA topoisomerase VIA
   At5g02830 -    PPR repeat-containing protein
  Rice J033010B03 + Tail to tail 1 DNA topoisomerase VIA
   J013135M09 -    PPR repeat-containing protein
NAT pair 2 Arabidopsis At5g54270 + Tail to tail 1,047 Chlorophyll A-B binding protein
   At5g54280 -    Myosin heavy chain
  Rice 006-301-C08 + Tail to tail 4,425 Chlorophyll A-B binding protein
   J013155K02 -    Myosin heavy chain