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Figure 2

From: Serendipitous discovery of Wolbachia genomes in multiple Drosophilaspecies

Figure 2

Circular map comparing the wMel genome with the wAna, wSim and wMoj assemblies. Ring 1 (outermost ring): forward strand genes; ring 2: reverse strand genes; ring 3: GC-skew plot; ring 4: X2 analysis of trinucleotide composition, with peaks indicating atypical regions; ring 5: wMel genes present in wAna assembly; ring 6: wMel genes present in the wSim assembly; ring 7: wMel genes present in wMoj assembly. Large regions on the wMel genome that were not recovered in the wAna or wSim assemblies are marked on the outside (regions A, B).

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