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Table 1 Northern blot validation of differential gene expression

From: Genomic analysis of early murine mammary gland development using novel probe-level algorithms

Probe set ID Accession number Gene Fold change Probe pairs increasing Differential expression confirmed
99067_at X59846 Gas6 3.41 16/16 x
100064_f_at M63801 Gja1 1.67 12/16 x
102016_at M61737 Fsp27 2.07 11/16 x
93996_at X01026 Cyp2e1 11.6 10/16 x
97507_at X67809 Ppicap 2.85 9/16 x
101995_at U40930 Sqstm1 1.48 8/16 x
93096_at AA986050 3010002H13Rik 2.65 7/16 x
102791_at U22033 Psmb8 1.65 7/16 x
96072_at M17516 Ldh1 1.37 6/16  
  1. Genes identified as being differentially expressed were randomly chosen for verification by northern blot hybridization (see text for description). Gene identifiers are shown along with fold changes, numbers of probe pairs increasing (as identified by ChipStat with pps = 0.04), and confirmation of differential expression.