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Table 4 The 10 biological process GO terms most frequently assigned to chicken cDNAs

From: Full-length cDNAs from chicken bursal lymphocytes to facilitate gene function analysis

GO ID Description Number of occurrences*
GO:0006468 Protein amino acid phosphorylation 66
GO:0006355 Regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 39
GO:0006508 Proteolysis and peptidolysis 38
GO:0007264 Small GTPase mediated signal transduction 33
GO:0006412 Protein biosynthesis 29
GO:0006118 Electron transport 28
GO:0006886 Intracellular protein transport 26
GO:0007165 Signal transduction 18
GO:0005975 Carbohydrate metabolism 17
GO:0006457 Protein folding 11
  1. *Number of cDNAs containing domain annotated by the GO term.