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Table 4 Sources of model organism protein-interaction data

From: A first-draft human protein-interaction map

Dataset Interactions Type Reference URL
Fly 20,020 Two-hybrid [5] [26]
Worm 4,605 Two-hybrid [6] [27]
Yeast 78,391 Total [11] [11]
  5,125 Two-hybrid   
  49,313 Complex purification   
  886 Genetic   
  23,844 (23,399) In silico (In silico only)   
  1. The table lists the total number of interactions contained in each model organism dataset, together with the method used to identify interactions, the publication reference, and the website (URL) from which the interaction dataset was obtained. For each dataset, the non-redundant number of unique interactions between unambiguously identified proteins is shown. For the yeast interactions, the total number of interactions is shown, as well as the number of interactions identified using each detection method. In silico only are interactions only predicted by in silico methods without any confirmation from the experimental datasets.