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Table 1 The number and accuracy of human protein interactions predicted by different model organism protein-interaction datasets

From: A first-draft human protein-interaction map

Data source Predicted human interactions Interactions sharing GO terms
   Number %
All 71,496 12,724 24.9
Yeast 55,231 10,727 26.2
Fly 12,059 1,404 19.0
Worm 4,494 753 24.4
All core 11,487 3,133 38.1
Core yeast 6,061 2,146 45.4
Core fly 2,889 488 27.8
Core worm 2,701 597 32.3
Two species 288 154 74.8
Two species (core) 160 95 88.0
Two methods 2,166 829 60.6
Random pairs 71,496 6,053 14.6
  1. The table lists the total number of interactions predicted by each interaction dataset, and the number of these interactions that connect proteins that share at least one GO term (at level 3 or deeper in the GO hierarchy). The percentages are relative to the total number of non-self interactions where both proteins have at least one GO annotation. All, all predicted human protein interactions; Yeast/worm/fly, interactions predicted by the yeast, worm or fly interaction maps; All core, all interactions predicted by the high-confidence subsets of each model organism interaction map (see Materials and methods); Two species, interactions predicted by more than one model organism interaction map; Two species (core), interactions predicted by the high-confidence subset of interactions from more than one model organism; Two methods, interactions predicted by data derived from more than one different interaction assay; Random pairs, the data for a randomly generated interaction network.