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Table 4 Comparison of variance of log ratios for control spots in SW480/620 experiments

From: Model selection and efficiency testing for normalization of cDNA microarray data

Control spot Number of replicate spots per slide Global lowess P-lowess S-lowess OLIN OSLIN
SS-DNA 48 6.46 3.33 4.03 1.90 2.82
Cot-1 DNA 12 4.34 4.10 5.07 2.90 3.73
Rice DNA 12 12.0 4.34 5.03 2.35 2.79
  1. The average within-slide variance (× 10-2) of log ratios M of control spots is shown after applying different normalization schemes. The three types of control spots derived from genomic DNA were used: salmon sperm (SS) DNA; Cot-1 DNA; rice DNA. Their intensities were above background as a result of nonspecific cross-hybridization. The locations of the replicated control spots were spatially distributed across the array. Comparison of corresponding log ratios M thus provides a measure for the spatial consistency of results produced by normalization.