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Table 2 Annotations for IS element rich regions

From: Comprehensive de novo structure prediction in a systems-biology context for the archaea Halobacterium sp. NRC-1

Name IS-element Method Annotation
IS-element rich region 1
VNG5101H/6098H ISH2 Pfam PF01402 CopG ribbon helix, regulates plasmid copy number
VNG5102H/6099H - TMHMM Membrane protein, unknown function
VNG5104H/6101H - - -
VNG5105H/6102H - Meta-Server Hit to 1dhx, Coper binding protein
VNG5106H/6103H - TMHMM Membrane protein, unknown function
VNG5108H/6105H - Rosetta Hit to 1d1A2, capsid protein/transcription factor
VNG5109H/6106H ISH8 Pfam PF01609, transposase DDE domain
VNG5112H/6109H - Rosetta Hit to 1dt9A1, translation initiation factor
VNG5114H/6111H ISH3 - -
VNG5115H/6112H - Pfam PF00589, phage integrase family
VNG5116H/6113H - Meta-Server Hit to 1d1qA, phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase
VNG5118H/6115H - Rosetta 1he8A3, serine/threonine protein phosphatase
VNG5119H/6116H - Meta-Server 1smtA, winged helix (DNA binding) in domain 1
VNG5120H/6117H - Rosetta small protein, 2 hits to 1asu00 phage integrase (weak hits)
VNG5122H/6119H ISH7 Pfam PF01609
VNG5123H/6120H ISH7 TMHMM membrane protein, unknown function
VNG5124H/6121H - - -
IS-element rich region 2
VNG5040H ISH8 Pfam PF01609
VNG5041H/5256H - Rosetta -
VNG5042H/5255H Domain 1 ISH9 Rosetta Hit to 1ez3A0, 2 long helices, no function annotation (domain 1)
VNG5042H/5255H Domain 2 ISH9 Pfam PF01609 (domain 2)
VNG5044H/5253H ISH5 Pfam PF01609
VNG5045H/5252H ISH11 (in ISH5) Pfam PF01609
VNG5047H/5250H - Rosetta Hit to 1am3 (HIV capsid protein), 1.10.1200.30
VNG5048H/5249H - Rosetta Hit to 1ais (cyclin-like fold/TBP fragment), 1.10.472.10
VNG5049H/5248H - Rosetta Hit to 2ezh (transposase/transcription factor),
VNG5050H/5247H - Pfam PF03551, PadR repressor
tbpB - known tata-box binding protein B