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Table 3 Significance of coherence score C G

From: TXTGate: profiling gene groups with text-based information

Gene groups Size Coherence score
Cell-cycle control 19 1.01E-167
DNA repair 3 3.91E-61
Fatty acids/lipids 25 4.28E-08
Glycosylation 7 6.29E-06
Methionine 5 9.88E-28
Mitotic exit 9 1.50E-82
Nutrition 19 1.76E-18
Pseudohyphae 10 2.79E-05
Secretion 13 1.11E-06
Sporulation 16 1.11E-01
  1. The significance is calulated with respect to 100-fold randomization for 10 cell-cycle related, functional groups selected from Figure 7 in Spellman et al. [37]. All groups are functionally coherent according to our score, except for the sporulation group.