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Table 3 Details of the discriminant analysis results for the replication fork complexes

From: Transcriptional regulation of protein complexes in yeast

Complex Gene ORF P(da)
Components predicted to be co-regulated    
DNA polymerase αI primase complex POL1 YNL102W 0.95155315
  PRI2 YKL045W 0.92757655
  POL12 YBL035C 0.8740073
  PRI1 YIR008C 0.14922267
DNA polymerase δIII POL32 YJR043C 0.88528264
  HYS2 YJR006W 0.79712089
  CDC2 YDL102W 0.79079457
DNA polymerase εII POL2 YNL262W 0.85845235
  DPB2 YPR175W 0.7575824
  DPB3 YBR278W 0.64557167
Exonucleases RAD27 YKL113C 0.99432872
PCNA POL30 YBR088C 0.69668482
Replication factor A complex RFA1 YAR007C 0.98673268
  RFA2 YNL312W 0.87875323
  RFA3 YJL173C 0.73210048
Topoisomerases TOP1 YOL006C 0.82395424
  TOP2 YNL088W 0.73032433
Components excluded from the predicted regulon group    
DNA helicases ECM32 YER176W 0.23499023
  DNA2 YHR164C 0.05406037
DNA ligases CDC9 YDL164C 0.03708159
DNA polymerase βIV POL4 YCR014C 0.03919368
DNA polymerase γ MIP1 YOR330C 0.03182497
DNA polymerase ζ REV7 YIL139C 0.05724429
  REV3 YPL167C 0.04090946
Replication factor C complex RFC4 YOL094C 0.50870756
  RFC5 YBR087W 0.33589936
  RFC3 YNL290W 0.26089619
  RFC2 YJR068W 0.10584985
  RFC1 YOR217W 0.05246123
RNase H1 RNH1 YMR234W 0.02989109
  1. The CYGD names of the subcomplexes or independent genes of the replication fork complexes are listed in column 1. The second and third columns list, respectively, the common gene name and ORF identifier. The posterior probability P(da), computed by the discriminant analysis, with which the listed gene/ORF was assigned to the putative regulon is listed in column 4. All the components predicted to be co-regulated (probability > 0.5 for most of the genes) are listed in the top part of the table, while those excluded from the predicted regulon group are listed in the lower part of the table. The two genes whose assignment is different from those of other related components of the subcomplex are marked in bold.