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Table 3 Known RTs used for comparison in phylogenies

From: Long terminal repeat retrotransposons of Mus musculus

Name Name of retrovirus Accession number/citation Host genus
GALV Gibbon ape leukemia virus AAA46810 Hylobates
PERV Porcine endogenous retrovirus ERV-PK15 AF038601 Sus
BLV Bovine Leukemia Virus P03361 Bos
HERV-K Human endogenous retrovirus K P10266 Homo
HBCA* Human breast cancer associated AAG18012 Homo
HERV-L Human endogenous retrovirus L Z72519 Homo
GH_H18* Golden hamster intracisternal A-particle H18 GNHYIH Mesocricetus
FeLV Feline leukemia virus L06140 Felis
RERV Rabbit endogenous retrovirus AAM81191 Oryctolagus
GH-G18* Golden hamster intracisternal type-A P04026 Cricetus
SRV-1 Simian SRV-1 type D retrovirus M11841 Macaca
MPMV Mason-Pfizer Monkey Virus GNLJMP Macaca
MuLV Moloney murine leukemia virus AF033811 Mus
MuERV-L Murine endogenous retrovirus ERV-L T29097 Mus
MusD Murine type D-like endogenous retrovirus MusD1 AF246632 Mus
HERV-C Human endogenous retrovirus type C oncovirus AAA73090 Homo
Phasco* Koala type C endogenous virus AAF15098 Phascolarctos
MDEV* M. dunni endogenous virus AAC31805 Mus
MMTV Mouse mammary tumor virus NC_001503 Mus
MmERV M. musculus endogenous retrovirus [13] Mus
  1. *Name used only in this study.