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Table 2 Candidate binding sites for the predicted lysine-specific regulator LysX*

From: Reconstruction of regulatory and metabolic pathways in metal-reducing δ-proteobacteria

Gene   Site Position Score
Desulfovibrio vulgaris
208064 lysX*-lysA GTGGTACTAATcAGTACCAC -277 6.82
206613 ~mviN* GTGGTtCTttgTAGTACtAC -135 5.45
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans G20
394240 lysX*-lysA GTaGTACTAAaTAGTACCAC -43 6.70
393213 lysW* GgcGTtCTAAagAGTACCAC -145 5.88
394397 ~mviN* GTaGTtgTgATaAGaAaCAC -275 4.70
  1. Position relative to the start of translation. *New name introduced in this study. Lower case letters represent positions that do not conform to the consensus sequence.