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Table 4 GO annotations whose transcripts had an average (observed minus expected) length significantly different than the average for all transcripts

From: Genome-wide analysis of mRNA lengths in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

GO annotation t-statistic Ontology Comparison of distribution to average Number of genes
Structural constituent of ribosome 4.39E-55 MF Shorter 229
Chaperone activity 1.27E-10 MF Shorter 82
Cytoplasm 4.49E-07 CC Shorter 2,391
Unknown 5.79E-07 All Longer 2,313
Proteasome core complex 6.53E-07 CC Shorter 15
Response to oxidative stress 7.64E-07 BP Shorter 35
Nucleolus 2.70E-06 CC Shorter 220
Gluconeogenesis 3.24E-06 BP Shorter 30
Peroxisome organization and biogenesis 8.91E-06 BP Shorter 39
Chromatin assembly/disassembly 1.43E-05 BP Shorter 24
  1. BP, biological process; MF, molecular function; CC, cellular component.